Our Process

We have a proven, 6-steps process we follow here at colorfluid to consistently make effective videos.



Discovery is where we go over the details of the project, our process, how we do things and find out what the client is looking for. This is vital to making sure we deliver exactly what the client wants and sets a flow for the duration of the project



At this stage, there are two options. The client can decide to provide us with a script or on the other hand, the client can request we develop a script for them. In the first case, we work with the client to fine-tune their script and make it align with the message they wish to pass to their audience. In the second case we develop a script from scratch based on our understanding of the clients business and their challenges. We send over draft versions to the client for review and feedback. we work front and back with the client till the final script is confirmed.


Voice over

The approved script is sent over to one of our voice-over artists for recording. The recording is done to client specification with respect to language, accent, gender, style, pace and any other details the client requests



The storyboard gives the client an idea of what the final video will look and feel like. It consists of still images that accompany the script. It provides and overview of the style and direction of the video.



This is where the magic happens. In production, we bring everything to live. Characters, environments, sound effects, background music, and all the ingredients that go into producing our super videos



Your project is complete! Your video is ready to share with your potential customers in any number of ways. We will provide you with several file formats and we will show you how to embed your video on your website and into emails.